Life Coaching and your positive qualities

Life coaches do more than listen to people – we listen on their behalf.  We listen for what might be dormant or hidden; we listen for evidence of positive qualities that our clients may not have distinguished in themselves. When life coaches listen for people in this way, these positive qualities rise to the surface and manifest more frequentl...
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Empowering Life Coaching

Life coaching empowers the client to invent something new - to generate their own answers and solutions. Clients expand their sense of what it is possible to do, to be and to have, during their lifetime. Often, people do not subscribe to the principle that they can create a life filled with joy, intimacy, pleasure, health and financial well-being. ...
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Life Coaching and N.L.P Training

Life Coaching and N.L.P Training  Whilst each programme is individually tailored, there are four operational principles that underpin every programme, namely: Know what outcome you want to achieve. Have sufficient sensory acuity (clear understanding) to know if you are moving towards or away from your outcome. Have sufficient flexibility of be...
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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching delivers significant benefits for both your organisation and its key staff. Whether your aim is to: Reduce employee turnover ; Retain and attract top performing talent Increase individual and organisational performance Improving strategic planning and business development ….the Executive Coaching programme can deliver these resul...
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N.L.P Coaching

The Unique NLP Approach In the hands of experienced practitioners, NLP can produce immediate, astonishing results. It differs from other therapies in that: It is not a set of abstract theories - it utilises practical tools. It is derived from "best practice", drawing on the experience of change experts. It explores how we connect to the world, our ...
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Covid and Life Crisis Coaching

 Covid and  Life Crisis Coaching  What is considered a life crisis? Many different forms, events and experiences can result in a life crisis. Each person is also different in how an event can impact them which can determine if it is a crisis or not. We may experience a bunch of smaller ones that pile up resulting in overwhelm an...
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Life Crisis Coach

As humans, we often go through hard times in our lives, the current situation around Covid has challenged us all . We struggle with our relationships, with work, battle substance misuse, overcoming losses, and a thousand other things that can turn our lives upside down. When we are struggling with one area of our life it can impact all the areas. E...
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