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As humans, we often go through hard times in our lives, the current situation around Covid has challenged us all . We struggle with our relationships, with work, battle substance misuse, overcoming losses, and a thousand other things that can turn our lives upside down. When we are struggling with one area of our life it can impact all the areas. Everything in our life is connected .Life Crisis coaching will help you get back on track with your life. To help you overcome the obstacles you are facing by arming you with the knowledge and skills to rebuild and heal. We all come across life's challenges and often we are left without the ability to know where we need to go next. You can feel frustrated, hopeless, and trapped. If your usual skills are not working, and things are not getting better a life crisis coach can help .Crisis coaching will help you create a path to move forward. I will help you build strategies to help you overcome the difficulties you are facing and provide you with the tools and skills to get back on the path of success and health. Difference Between Crisis Coaching and Therapy There is a lot of overlap between a life crisis coach and therapists but there also some key differences. Therapists are like mental health surgeons they run the ER and can complete emergency complex surgeries. Coaches have first aid kits and can provide rehabilitation exercises. Life coaching can aid in helping with more minor injuries or ones that are not completely debilitating or life-threatening. Individuals that are still able to move through life despite their injuries are perfect for coaching. Sometimes coaches and therapists can work in tandem providing you with comprehensive health and well-being plan. Therapists often provide more long-term care that focuses on diagnoses or past trauma. Often therapy is focused on the past and uses analysis and introspective techniques to work through painful experiences. They work with the clients on problematic beliefs, behaviours, relationships and sometimes physical responses to help them create a more stable and happier future. Life crisis coaches come and walk beside their clients, they provide them with information, brainstorm and examine potential decisions and directions. They provide their clients with the tools and space to clarify goals and identify obstacles to create an action plan to achieve their desired results. Coaching focuses on the present and works to create a better future for their clients. They are action-based and help their clients to take control of their lives and steer their ship towards their goals .Life Crisis Coaches do not diagnose the clients they work with while a therapist determines the pathologies so they can be clinically treated. Therapists will help to examine the past to explain the present while life coaches identify the problems areas so clients can work to modify them. A therapist focuses on "why" certain behaviours occur while a coach works on "how" they can move towards certain goals. Both coaches and therapists can be key to your health and well-being. The biggest life crisis What is considered a life crisis? Many different forms, events and experiences can result in a life crisis. Each person is also different in how an event can impact them which can determine if it is a crisis or not. We may experience a bunch of smaller ones that pile up resulting in overwhelm and an inability to cope or we may have a big life crisis that has the same effect. We are all influenced differently, and we need people to help us get through them. There are several areas of our life that a crisis can occur, in our relationships with friends, family and our partner, business, and mental and physical health. Together, we will break these different life crises' down and move you forward and through the other side 

Price - £795.00 - Intensive 1 month support,  4 x personal Zoom online sessions - to be completed in 30 days from agreed start date .


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Covid and Life Crisis Coaching