What is an End- of -Life Doula?

An End- of- Life Doula is a non-medical person trained to care for somebody holistically (physically,emotionally,and spiritually) at the end of life .

End-of Life Doulas receive comprehensive,intense training to support from the time of a terminal diagnosis until the time of death.Holistic  support is provided for the person  throughout all the transitional aspects of dying , as well as help the persons family to "re-enter" life after loss

A National Hospice Organization Gallup Poll found that nine out of ten people who were terminally ill wanted to die at home, yet half were dying in the hospital. The same poll found that the number one fear of the dying patient was becoming a burden to their family. “Because of our society’s overwhelming fear of death, it is almost impossible to teach families how to fully care for their dying loved ones,” said O’Brien.
“Compounding that is the short amount of time the patients spend at home.” In fact, another study found that seven out of ten families said that they felt they were referred to Hospice too late. “We have literally become paralyzed by the topic of death and this fear is making the experience so much harder than it needs to be, for both patients and families,” observes O’Brien. “Planning for end of life wishes and discussing them with loved ones takes a great weight off of both patients and families.”

What is a Doulagiver ?

Doulagivers is the New Specialised Area of Non-Medical Health Care for the Elderly. Doula is a Greek word meaning non-medical person who gives physical, emotional, and spiritual support to someone else. Giver means someone who gives. Doulagivers was born from the two definitions. Doulagivers consists of Suzanne B. O’Brien’s award winning training programs End of Life Doula Guide Training and Elder Care Doula Guide Training. The trainings consist of 3 phases of End of Life Care and teaches the Doulagiver what suggestions to offer for comfort in all 3 phases of end of life.

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